HyperPlatform Programmer's Reference
HyperPlatform Programmer's Reference Documentation


These pages serve as a programmer's reference manual for HyperPlatform and were automatically generated from the source using Doxygen.

For compilation and installation of HyperPlatform, see the HyperPlatform project page. For more general information about development using HyperPlatform, see User's Documents in the project page.

Some of good places to start are the files page that provides a brief description of each files, the DriverEntry() fuction where is an entry point of HyperPlatform, and the VmmVmExitHandler() function, a high-level entry point of VM-exit handlers.

External Document

This document often refers to the Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer Manuals (Intel SDM). Any descriptions like "See: CONTROL REGISTERS" implies that details are explained in a page or a table titled as "CONTROL REGISTERS" in the Intel SDM.