System Programming Lab

The next public class is September 30 - October 3 at Hexacon in Paris (in-person)

Hypervisor Development Hands On for Security Researchers on Windows


In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how VT-x by carefully analyzing and debugging source code of a minimalistic hypervisor on Windows. After this workshop, you will understand how to turn on/off virtualization from ring-0 code, trap execution of certain instructions in the system, and more importantly, learn how to extend what you studied by yourself.


This workshop is a hands-on style. You are must bring a laptop and complete set up instructions as specified below prior to the workshop:

The trainer will partially be available for assisting set up an hour prior to the workshop, but please ask questions at @standa_t prior to it if you have any questions.


(Any of those contents may change)


Basics of Intel VT-x

Customizing Hypervisor

Wrapping Up